4th Annual OSF - 20 October

Oudtshoorn Spring Festival - bigger and better than ever.

Where food is more than just a meal!

Braai & Slaai ; Head to Toe

At Simzee shisanyama we hold any kind of events (indoor and outdoor)

At Simzee Shisanyam, as the sole provider, we strive in satisfying our customers by extending our services from sit-in food cottages, private parties, weddings, leisure time units (LTU), end functions and Events.

Simzee’s main dish is Papa with Mala-mogodu and Chakalaka. This is the most famous and well known meal in South Africa.


Steam bread, fried eggs, bisto Baked bread, pasted with rama, Coffee vetkoeks, omelet, bisto Soup, bread (baked or steamed) MAIN DISH: Samp and beans with stew Mphokoqo and Amasi (African salad) Savoury rice, spinach, wings, roasted potatos Pap, mogodu, chakalaka Pap, wors, chakalaka Pap, quater leg chicken, chakalaka Pap, pork chop, chakalaka SIDE…

latest Event coming up - 4th annual OSF

Oudtshoorn Spring Festival - bigger and better than ever 20 October 2019

Oudtshoorn Spring Festival

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